City of Turku

Turku, with its surrounding municipalities, is an energetic centre of growth in the Baltic Sea area. The versatile livelihood structure, top class selection of education, culture, and services, as well as the beautiful archipelago, form a magnetic combination in Turku.

There are around 184 000 residents in Turku. The entire region has over 310 000 residents. A great portion of Turku residents are students. The city has two universities and four higher education institutions with over 35 000 students altogether.

In addition to residents, students and companies, Turku attracts tourists. Turku is one of the most popular travel and congress destinations in Finland.

The City of Turku co-operates actively with other cities and various interest groups both in Finland and abroad. Turku has offices in St. Petersburg and Brussels together with the Regional Council of Southwest Finland.



Södertälje Municipality (Södertälje kommun) is a municipality in Stockholm County in east central Sweden. Its seat is located in the city of Södertälje. It borders to Lake Mälaren in the north and the Baltic Sea in the south. Of the total population of 83,600, more than 22,000 are Assyrian/Syriac immigrants arriving in this area since the 1960s and 1970s, and has the largest group of any other cities in Europe. Since early 2000s, large numbers of Iraqis immigrants settled in Södertälje and the city has taken more Iraqi immigrants than the United States and Canada combined, even though these countries have a combined population of around 335 million. Södertälje is an international municipality, as is reflected in the economy, the cultural life and the population. Södertälje offers everything from an urban environment to countryside, lakes and the sea. They have good communications and are one of the most popular growth regions in the country with large international pharmaceutical companies and Södertälje is a large logistic hub with the port of Södertälje. 

City of Tallinn

Tallinn is the capital and largest city of Estonia, occupying an area of 159.2 km² with a population of 439,517. It is self-governing with a City Council and City Government, the Council’s executive body. Tallinn’s Old Town is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Tallinn city has 16 harbors and 5 public beaches. Main institutions of higher education and science are Tallinn University & Tallinn University of Technology.



Ventspils is the sixth largest city in Latvia with an area of 55.4 km2. The city has a population of approximately 39 000 inhabitants and is situated at the Venta River and the coast of the Baltic Sea. The river has a very important ice-free port where large amounts of goods, such as oils and minerals, are transported in ships. The city has dunes and popular beaches for recreational use. Main institution for higher education is Ventspils University College.